We offer our services in the most transparent of nature and ensure that both our patients as well as their families are kept up-to-date and informed every step of the way. Our treatment programs are all very straightforward, easy-to-follow and clearly defined in order to minimize any misconceptions that may exist when it comes to treatment. Prior to taking a new patient for treatment, we spend the necessary time with the family in order to get a full grasp of the situation but also to inform all those involved regarding everything that will transpire during treatment.

Our offices are available to anyone seeking help and we are always happy to answer any questions that may arise when contemplating treatment for a loved one or oneself. Please take a look at some of the most common questions answered below or please do not hesitate to reach out to us should your question still remain unanswered.

Can I visit the participant during his/her stay?

Visitors are permitted after the first week of treatment but must be screened and approved by staff prior to gaining entry into the facility. The clinical team reserves the right to decline any visitations that are believed to be counter-therapeutic.

How long does treatment take?

There isn’t a set period of time that applies to everyone when it comes to treatment. Some participants may need a 90-day stay at an inpatient treatment facility to truly find their path in recovery, whereas others may only need a 30-day program. It simply varies according to the addiction in question, the individual’s history with addiction, dual diagnosis conditions, and the individual’s specific physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

Should the participant bring spending money?

We expect all costs and services at the centre to be covered by your treatment fees. For this reason, we ask you not to bring large amounts of money. It is recommended you bring a credit/debit card, which you can keep secure and can be used to cover exceptional costs (e.g. prescribed medications from local pharmacy if needed).

What about confidentiality?

We support your right to confidentiality. We recognize your right to decide with whom, and what, information you want to share. All guests as well as staff are required to sign a document acknowledging their commitment to support confidentiality. Release or sharing of any information related to your presence and or work at our facility is done only for the purpose of supporting your wellness and is done only with your written consent and in accordance with any legal requirement.

What are patients prohibited from bringing with them?
  • Clothing with offensive slogans
  • Anything, including clothing, that promotes drugs or alcohol
  • Reading material that is inappropriate for the setting
  • Electronic devices such as cell phones and computers
  • Anything that contains alcohol, including aftershave and mouthwash
What does the patient need to bring with them?
  • Their healthcare card
  • Photo ID
  • A water bottle
  • Sneakers
  • Fitness attire
  • Undergarments
  • Sleepwear
  • Comfortable, casual clothing for indoors and outdoors
  • Over the counter medication in its original packaging
  • Vitamins in their original packaging
  • A backpack

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