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Those who are struggling with drug addiction in Botlon, ON have ready access to professional and effective treatment thanks to our teen drug rehab centre.

Teen drug use is a serious problem, and it often is either caused by or results in a person feeling alienated from their family. We recognize the importance of families in the recovery process and actively seek their input whenever possible. In fact, speaking with family members when possible helps us to evaluate and assess a person’s needs when they enter our facility. We also offer an Essential Family Care Program and Children’s Program, which can help family members to understand, relate to, and support those undergoing treatment in our program.

We have committed ourselves to helping those who need it, and that commitment is so strong that we do not turn anyone away. We know that some people may not be able to afford our program, but we will help anyone, regardless of their circumstances. Simply speak with one of our team members about your or your loved one’s situation and we will work out a solution with you.

We have more than four decades of experience in helping addicts to recover. During that time, our team members have helped over 45,000 people who were struggling with addiction. More than 71% of those who successfully complete our program remain sober after two years, a success rate that is the envy of programs across Canada.

Our success rests in large part on the fact that patients get healed in four key areas of their lives at our teen rehab centre. Mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing are all essential, and we do not consider a person’s treatment complete until they have healed in each of those areas of their lives. Not only does this eliminate potential reasons for them to return to lives of substance abuse, but it also helps to prepare them to lead full, sober lives.

Take the first step toward healing for you or your loved on in Botlon, ON by getting in touch with our teen drug rehab centre today to find out more about how we can help.

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