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If you live in Burlington, ON and you are struggling with substance abuse, or you have a relative in that situation, our teen drug rehab centre can help. We have spent more than four decades successfully helping people to overcome their addictions, and we are eager to assist even more people who are ready to reform and transform their lives.

Our facility offers a comfortable setting away from the distractions of everyday life. Situated in the serenity of the hills of Stouffville, we give our patients the chance to relax and recuperate, as well as meditate and experience nature. For many, this is a type of peace that they have not experienced in years.

We maintain ten private rooms, ensuring that every patient we have has their own room. This ensures that they have the privacy that they need during what can be a trying recovery process. At the same time, they get to enjoy all of the benefits of a supportive community.

The program that we offer is called Transitions. It was designed by Teen Drug Councillor, our founder, and focuses on helping patients to heal in four key areas of their lives: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Through healing in each of these areas, our patients can once again be made whole. They grow to become more self-aware, self-accepting, and self-confident. In doing so, they not only become less likely to return to substance abuse but also more likely to be happy and productive once they complete their treatments.

Our alumni community is an essential part of our patients’ long-term success. It ensures that those who have gone through our program have the contacts and support that they need moving forward. We also complement our in-patient treatments with outpatient continuing care. This means that patients are not simply left on their own as they work to build or rebuild their post-addiction lives.

For anyone who is dealing with substance abuse in Burlington, ON, help is just a phone call away. Call or e-mail our teen drug rehab centre now to connect with someone who can answer your questions, address your concerns, and help you to access the help you need.

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