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If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse in East York, ON, our teen drug rehab centre can provide you with the treatment you need to overcome your addiction. We have been helping people to overcome addiction for more than four decades, during which time we have cared for more than 45,000 people.

At our teen drug rehab centre, we are committed not only to helping our patients to overcome their dependencies but also to prepare them to lead full, happy lives upon leaving our facility. To achieve those goals, we focus on four key areas of patients’ lives: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. By helping our patients to heal in all of those ways, we both reduce the likelihood of a return to substance dependency and dramatically increase the chances of those who complete their treatment being successful in every aspect of their lives moving forward.

More than seven out of ten of our patients are clean and sober twenty-four months after they complete their treatment. This means that we have one of the highest success rates in the industry. In fact, many centres around Canada seek to learn from us so that they can achieve similar results.

We maintain a low employee-to-patient ratio of one-to-one. This ensures that all of our patients get the individual care and attention that they need. Many of our team members are winning their own battles with addiction, which patients often find makes it easier for them to relate. Some feel that, for the first time in years, they can talk about their problems openly without fear of judgment or criticism. This openness makes addressing and correcting the problems easier.

At any given time, we have no more than ten patients in our facility. Each patient has their own private room. This unique combination ensures that patients have both privacy and a supportive community as they work through their treatment.

Call or e-mail our teen drug rehab centre today and speak with one of our team members about how we have already helped those from East York, ON and other nearby areas and how we can help you or your loved one as well.

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