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Those living with addiction in Etobicoke, ON need not try to overcome their situation on their own. Our teen drug rehab centre is here to help anyone who needs help overcoming substance abuse.

Our success rate – over 71% of those who complete their treatment with us are sober after two years – is considered outstanding among those familiar with addiction treatment. For that reason, many other teen rehab centres in Canada come to us to learn about how they can better care for addicts.

Many of those who come to us have mental health issues that are concurrent with their addiction. To ensure that their particular needs are accommodated, we offer evidence-based, trauma-informed care.

All of our patients receive treatment for their mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional well being. While problems in one or two of these areas are often the original cause of the addiction, all four areas of a person’s life are impacted by the addiction. When any of these areas are ignored, it dramatically increases the likelihood of a relapse.

Our teen drug rehab centre cares for a maximum of ten in-patients at a time, and we never have more patients than we do employees. This is to ensure that we are able to treat everyone who comes to us on an individual basis with the customized treatment plan and attention that they need.

We strongly believe in making the family a part of the treatment process whenever possible at our teen drug rehab centre. This is true both prior to the start of and during the treatment process. Family members can play important roles in helping us to understand a patient’s situation and customize a treatment plan for them. After the patient’s first week, family members are typically encouraged to visit to support the patient and/or build or rebuild relationships that have been damaged.

Overcoming addiction can be difficult even with help, so don’t try going it alone. If you or one of your loved ones lives in Etobicoke, ON and needs help in getting sober and moving forward, call our teen drug rehab centre and speak with one of our team members now.

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