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Our teen drug rehab centre is here to help those from Georgina, ON and elsewhere in the Greater Toronto Area to overcome their substance dependencies. We have been helping people just like you to overcome their addictions successfully for more than four decades, and we would love to help you or your loved one to become our next success story.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing our teen drug rehab centre is that you can get immediate access to treatment. Many facilities have long waiting lists, which can be dangerous for several reasons. In the worst cases, patients may continue using drugs between the time that they seek help and the time that they get it. This leaves open the possibility to overdoses and other further damage. In other cases, patients simply decide not to seek treatment before ever starting it, meaning that they continue their destructive behaviors indefinitely, perhaps even for the rest of their lives.

Another great reason to choose us is our exceptionally high success rates. Of the patients who successfully complete their treatment, more than seven in ten remain sober two years after leaving us. Part of the reason for this is that we have an exceptional alumni community that provides strong post-treatment support.

While helping our patients themselves is the primary focus of our work, we also recognize the importance of involving and helping their family members. The families of our patients can play important roles both in terms of helping us understand the situations and needs of our patients and providing them with support during the treatment program. They often need care and support in their own right, though. To meet this need, we have an Essential Family Care Program and Children’s Program. These programs help family members come to terms with the situation, including their existing relationships with the patients. They also learn how to build or rebuild those relationships in a way that works well not just for the patient but also for them.

To find out more about what our teen drug rehab centre can do for you or someone you love in Georgina, ON who is struggling with addiction, call us today.

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