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Halton Hills, ON residents and their family members who are struggling with addiction have ready access to the help they need at our teen drug rehab centre. We have more than forty years of experience and have helped nearly fifty thousand people.

At our teen drug rehab centre, patients have the opportunity to heal mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Pain in one or more of those areas often leads people to addiction, but addiction causes harm in all of them. That is why this multi-pronged approach is important both to give the patient the best chance of remaining substance-free for the long-term and to give the patient the greatest opportunity to be happy and productive once they leave our facility.

Teen Drug Councillor, the founder of Teen Drug Rehab centre, designed the program that we use based on his decades of practical experience and research in the field of addiction. The program, which combines cognitive behavioral therapy, addiction suppression, dog therapy, and pharmaceuticals, is fully customizable to meet the needs of each individual patient. Notably, we limit our use of pharmaceuticals, but we do find them useful at various points throughout the treatment, especially when patients are dealing with symptoms of withdrawal.

We recognize that the personal relationships that our patients have with their family members before, during, and after the treatment program are extremely important, and we seek both to make the most of them and to help them. When they are willing to do so, the family members of our patients can help us to understand more about how addiction has affected the patient’s life and what things may have contributed to it. In terms of supporting relationships, we generally encourage family members to visit during the treatment period – after the first week – and offer an Essential Family Care Program and a Children’s Program, which not only help them to build their relationships with the patients but also to deal with whatever challenges they may have relating to the addiction.

If you or a loved one in Halton Hills, ON is considering getting help for an addiction, call our teen drug rehab centre now.

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