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If you are a teen in Kitchener, ON struggling with addiction, or if one of your relatives fits that description, turn to our teen drug rehab centre. At our teen rehab centre, people who are dealing with substance abuse can get the help that they need to overcome their addictions and lead happy, fulfilling lives.

While there are many advantages to choosing to get help from us, perhaps none is greater than the fact that we do not have long waiting lists. Those who turn to us have the chance to get immediate access to treatment. Our years of experience with addiction and research of the subject have shown us that delays can be deadly. At best, patients suffering with addiction continue to suffer while they wait. At worst, patients risk overdose during the waiting period.

We are committed to healing before all else and operate as a healing centre rather than a business. We do our best to make our treatment available to everyone, but under no circumstances will we turn anyone who needs help and is serious about getting it away. The best thing that those who are concerned about the costs can do is to call us, as we are always happy to work something out.

Patients at our teen drug rehab centre get the individualized attention and treatment that they need thanks in large part to our team member-to-patient ratio, which never exceeds one-to-one. Our program is fully customizable according to the needs and situation of every patient, which is important because no two addicts are alike.

The program that we use, which is called Transitions, was designed by our founder and has led to us having a success rate that is highly respected throughout Canada. In fact, more than seven in ten people who complete our program are clean and sober two years after leaving.

Do not try to deal with addiction on your own. If you or a loved one is struggling with this disease in Kitchener, ON, call our teen drug rehab centre today to speak with one of our team members about how we can help.

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