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Residents of Milton, ON who are struggling with or who have family members struggling with substance abuse can turn to our teen drug rehab centre for help in getting clean and sober. We have been helping Canadians do just that for over four decades.

Mr. Teen Drug Councillor, our founder, designed the program that we use, which is called Transitions. Transitions combines cognitive behavioral therapy and addiction suppression with dog therapy and pharmaceuticals. Each element of the program is tailored to meet the needs of each individual patient. This customization makes the program highly effective and enables each patient to get just what they need to give them their very best chance of success.

The elements of the treatment combine to helppatients heal in four key areas: mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional. All four of these areas are important because each one is negatively impacted by addiction. Failure to heal in any of these areas makes relapses more likely. Just as importantly, it makes it all but impossible for the person to fully recover in a way that enables them to live a happy and full life.

Our program offers the best of both communal and individual healing. We keep the community small, caring for no more than ten in-patients in our centre at any given time. Each one of these patients has their own room, offering privacy and space for relaxation in addition to the many benefits of the community.

Many of our team members have personal histories of addiction. Many of those who come to our teen rehab centre find that this makes speaking about their own histories easier. It also offers a model for successful healing, which is extremely important for those who are so down about their situations that they may feel hopeless.

Our teen drug rehab centre is located in Stouffville, ON, combining convenience for family members to visit with the serenity of nature. This offers an ideal environment for peace and healing.

If you or a loved one Milton, ON is ready to get help to overcome their addiction, call or e-mail our teen drug rehab centre today.

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