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Addiction can be extremely difficult to overcome , but for those suffering from it in Newmarket, ON, help is readily available. Our teen drug rehab centre offers treatment and care for those who are ready to change their lives.

Our team has been helping those with addiction to recover for more than four decades. Over that time, we have played important roles in helping more than 45,000 people. Our record of success speaks volumes, with over seven in ten of our patients remaining sober two years after leaving our facility. That record is among the very best in Canada and has drawn the attention of experts and others in the field from around the country.

We use a program that is called Transitions. It was designed by Teen Drug Councillor, who founded our teen drug rehab centre, and uses a combination of dog therapy, addiction suppression, cognitive behavioral therapy, and pharmaceuticals. The use of pharmaceuticals is overseen by our team members, and we are always sensitive to concerns about their overuse. That said, we do need to have them as a tool because they can make certain aspects of the treatment run much more smoothly.

We place a strong emphasis on the role of the family for the patients at our teen drug rehab centre. When possible, we speak with the family members of those who seek treatment with us before they enter the program because they can help us to gain a more complete understanding of a patient’s history and situation. This information helps us to customize the program according to the needs of the individual.

Addicts are not the only victims of addiction. Family members also need help in dealing with the addiction of their loved ones. Part of this involves helping them to relate to and rebuild relationships with the addicts, while another part involves their own independent healing. To meet these needs, we offer an Essential Family Care Program and a Children’s Program.

If you or one of your family members in Newmarket, ON has a problem with drugs or alcohol, get in touch with our teen drug rehab centre today.

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