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North York, ON residents who are addicted to drugs or alcohol can get the help they need to become sober at our teen drug rehab centre, which has helped more than 45,000 people over the past forty-plus years.

Our teen drug rehab centre places healing at the heart of our operations. We never want anyone to feel as though they do not have access to the help that they need, so we keep our prices very affordable. Even so, we know that even low prices can seem daunting to many, especially teens who may be on their own. We never turn those who need help away, so we will work with anyone who is serious about becoming clean and sober.

We understand that there are many roads to addiction. Some people become addicted to drugs that are prescribed for medical treatment, while others turn experiments with drugs or alcohol into damaging lifestyles. Our team is not here to judge or lecture but to listen and help, regardless of a patient’s history. In fact, many of our team members have faced their own problems with addiction and overcome them.

Whatever the causes of addiction may be, substance abuse damages people severely in many areas of their lives. That is why we focus on four key areas of healing at our teen drug rehab centre. Those who come to us can expect to get help with their physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental health. We even offer trauma-informed care to help patients who are dealing with concurrent mental health issues.

While many people may think primarily of one or two of those areas of damage, the truth is that any one of them can cause addiction and/or a relapse. Pain in any of those areas can cause addicts who have become sober to return to substance abuse, so caring for all of them is critical. This multi-pronged approach also gives our patients the best chance to lead successful lives after they leave our facility.

If you live in North York, ON and you need help with substance abuse, either for yourself or for a family member, call our teen drug rehab centre now.

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