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For those struggling with addiction in Oakville, ON, our teen drug rehab centre offers a comfortable, relaxing facility and an experience team of people ready to help. In fact, we have helped over 45,000 people over the course of nearly half a century.

Our team includes many people who have had their own personal histories of addiction. This is important in larger part because it helps our patients to feel more comfortable talking about what they have done and what their states of mind are. They are comforted in knowing that the person or people listening have been where they are and made their own serious mistakes. They can talk, some for the first time, without fear of judgment or ridicule. Many of our patients also find that speaking with people who have overcome addiction and are now helping them to do the same offers them a sense of hope that they, too, can become productive, help people, and lead full lives in spite of what they may have done in the past.

One of the key advantages that patients at our teen drug rehab centre have is a combination of community and individual care and attention. We have no more than ten patients at any given time, and each one has their own room. People have peace and quiet and a place to relax and reflect as they undergo their treatments. At the same time, they also live in a supportive environment and enjoy the camaraderie that comes with socializing and working with others who are on the same journey to sobriety.

In addition to our program for addicts, we also recognize that many of their loved ones also need help. This help includes both accepting and dealing with addicts during and after their recoveries and dealing with whatever harm their loved ones’ addictions may have done to them. To meet these needs, we offer an Essential Family Care Program and a Children’s Program. Some of our alumni families credit these programs with the strong relationships that they enjoy in the years following the treatment.

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