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Old Toronto, ON residents and their family members who realize that they have a problem with substance abuse and are ready to get help in dealing with it can turn to our teen drug rehab centre. Over the past four-plus decades, we have helped more than 45,000 addicts, and more than 71% of our patients remain clean and sober two years after completing their treatments.

The patients who turn to our teen drug rehab centre have very different background, experiences, and situations. Some were exposed to drugs or alcohol very early in their lives. Others became addicted to drugs that were prescribed to them for medical treatment. Still more decided to experiment with drugs or alcohol without realizing the potential for a serious, long-term problem. Regardless of the reasons for their6tvcx f gfr m addictions, or what they have done because of them, many of our patients take great comfort in knowing that many members of our team have had their own personal struggles with substance abuse and are willing to listen without judgment.

Mr. Teen Drug Councillor, or founder, designed our program with four key areas of healing in mind: mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional. Addiction is often the result of problems in one or two of these areas but it is typically fueled by all of them as each one becomes damaged or increasingly damaged by the problem. If a patient does not heal properly in all of these areas, any one of them could cause a relapse, potentially returning the patient to the negative cycle of addiction.

While keeping helping those who come to us break free of their addictions is one of our goals, it is not the only one. Our teen drug rehab centre is also committed to helping patients to be happy and fulfilled after treatment. This means helping them to enjoy the self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-confidence necessary to do so. This is another reason that we take the multi-pronged approach.

If you are thinking about getting the help necessary to overcome your addiction, or you have a relative in Old Toronto, ON who may be ready to do so, get in touch with our teen drug rehab centre today.

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