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Those who are struggling with substance abuse in Orangeville, ON can turn to our teen drug rehab centre for the help they need to become clean and sober. We have been helping people do just that for over four decades, and our record of success speaks for itself.

More than seven out of ten of those who complete our program remain drug and alcohol free two years after they have finished their treatment. This record of success has drawn the attention of other centres throughout the country who want to learn from our tremendous success rates. We are more than happy to share as much as we can with them because our commitment is to addicts, not profits.

In that vein, our teen drug rehab centre does not turn people away under any circumstances. We keep our rates very affordable for most people, but we also understand that those going through difficult times sometimes need ways to work around even moderate costs. We are always willing to work with those who are serious about overcoming their addictions.

Patients at our teen rehab centre often feel apprehensive when they arrive, but they become less so as they get to know our team members, many of whom have histories of substance abuse. As our staff members share their stories, patients come to realize that they can open up about their situations, not only in terms of what led them to their addictions but also what they have done because of them. This openness is a critical part of healing.

Our program, Transitions, is designed to help people to gain the self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-confidence that they need to be happy and fulfilled for the rest of their lives. To that end, we help patients to heal not only physically and mentally but also spiritually and emotionally. We achieve these goals through cognitive behavioral therapy, addiction suppression, dog therapy, and the limited use of pharmaceuticals.

Orangeville, ON residents and their loved ones who have become addicted to drugs or alcohol can get help at our teen drug rehab centre. Take the first step today by giving us a call.

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