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Our teen drug rehab centre offers exactly what those suffering with addiction in Pickering, ON need to become clean and sober. We have helped over 45,000 people through their struggles with addiction over the past forty-plus years, and our success rate has drawn the attention of other rehab facilities throughout Canada thanks to our outstanding success rate. In fact, more than 71% of those who complete our program are sober two years after leaving our centre.

One of the most important reasons for our tremendous success is that we do not put all of our attention simply on helping the patient to become substance free. Obviously, that is an essential element of what we do, but it is far from the complete picture. Instead, we work with patients to address the underlying causes of and contributors to their addictions. By taking healing to the next level, incorporating not just the physical and mental damage causing and resulting from addiction but also the spiritual and emotional causes and effects, we help our patients to equip themselves to lead full and happy lives.

Those who complete our program feel empowered after doing so, but they typically need a support network to help them as distractions and temptations return. To provide this support, we have a vital alumni community of those who continue to work daily to remain addiction free.

Helping our patients to heal is at the core of life at our teen drug rehab centre, but we also realize that it is not just addicts whose lives are affected by addiction. Their family members often struggle with issues relating to the addiction, not only in their relationships with the patients but also in other areas of their lives, such as blaming themselves for the situation. This is why we offer an Essential Family Care Program and a Children’s Program, which many credit with helping them to come to terms with the past and move forward in the best way possible.

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