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Our teen drug rehab centre is located in Stouffville, ON. This makes help with addiction readily accessible for those who are dealing with addiction in Richmond Hill, ON.

Rehab centres throughout Canada have come to admire and respect our work, which has created a success rate that is the best in the country. Over 71% of our patients remain substance free two years after successfully completing our program.

The success that our teen drug rehab centre has enjoyed has a lot to do with the fact that we do not focus only on addiction. Addiction, whether at the onset or as it develops, is often the result of other circumstances in a person’s life. Regardless of its causes, addiction inevitably does harm to multiple aspects of the individual. Each harmed area then has the potential to exacerbate and/or recreate the problem. It is only by healing all of these areas of a person’s life – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – that we can help a person not just to stay away from drugs and alcohol but also to be happy and fulfilled as they go through life.

To help patients heal, we employ cognitive behavioral therapy, dog therapy, addiction suppression, and pharmaceuticals, which are limited but can be extremely important. We tailor each of these tools to meet the needs of the individual patient. This is made possible by the fact that we retain a low employee-to-patient ratio of just one-to-one and never have more than ten patients at a time.

One advantage of turning to us is that we do not have long waiting lists. You or your loved one can gain access to our treatment immediately, eliminating what could otherwise be a long waiting period that is fraught with pitfalls, including the potential of an addict to change their mind about getting treatment.

Here at our teen drug rehab centre, we are always looking for new people whom we can help. If you or someone you know lives in Richmond Hill, ON and needs help overcoming substance about, get in touch with us now to find out about how you can access that help.

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