Scugog, ON

Just a short drive from Scugog, ON is our teen drug rehab centre, which is located in Stouffville. Our team has more than forty years of experience in helping addicts to recover and rebuild their lives, and we would be happy to help you or your loved one to become our next success story.

Our facility is respected and admired throughout Canada because of our tremendous success. In fact, our 71+% rate of people remaining sober two years after completing their treatment is the envy of the industry. Countless other centres continue to turn to us to find out how they can achieve similar success.

We are more than happy to share what we know because helping people to recover is what we do. While our success rates could demand high rates, we keep our program affordable for just about anyone. While this opens up our program to many, we know that some people, especially the young and unemployed, may consider any financial barrier an obstacle. We believe so strongly in what we do that we will never turn anyone away.

Our approach is multi-faceted and focuses on physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional healing. While not all addicts start out with problems in all of these areas, addiction takes its toll on each of them. Programs or individuals that fail to focus on each of them make it extremely difficult to overcome addiction and almost impossible for an addict to build a full life after treatment, which is our goal.

In addition to helping addicts themselves, our teen drug rehab centre also offers help to family members of addicts in the form of our Essential Family Care Program and Children’s Program. These are designed to help the relatives of addicts come to terms with the situations, both in themselves and in their relationships with the addicts. They also help to equip people for the treatment and post-treatment periods.

For those in Scugog, ON, access to help in overcoming addiction is just a phone call away. Call us now to speak with a team member at our teen drug rehab centre to learn more about how you or your loved one can get the help you need.

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