Stouffville, ON

Our teen drug rehab centre is located in Stouffville, ON, giving those who are struggling with addiction in the area the convenience of the chance to get care close to home. As visits from family members are generally encouraged after a patient’s first week of treatment, this makes it easy for loved ones to get together during this critical time.

The team members at our teen drug rehab centre have faced their own battles with alcohol and drug addiction, which gives them the chance to relate to patients who are in the process of overcoming them. This relationship builds the confidence that many patients need to open up about what they have done, what led them to addiction, and more, because they know that the people listening have been there themselves. This openness fosters the development of self-awareness, which can then lead to self-acceptance and self-confidence.

Addictions can develop from any number of causes, from experimentation to prescription medical care to a need to escape and more. Regardless of the reasons that people begin to abuse drugs or alcohol, addiction always harms people in several areas of their lives. That is why we are committed to treating the whole person, spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. It is only by healing in all of these areas that patients can remain substance free and lead complete lives.

Family members of addicts can also get help at our teen drug rehab centre in the form of our Essential Family Care Program and our Children’s Program. These programs are designed to help family members deal with issues that have been created by their loved ones’ addictions, as well as how they can relate to their loved ones during and after the treatment period. These programs have saved, built, and rebuilt relationships that otherwise would have been damaged permanently.

If you or someone you love is ready to get the help they need in Stouffville, ON, contact our teen drug rehab centre now. Addiction can be overcome, but that is only possible when those who need help take the action necessary to get it.

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