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Overcoming addiction is not something that those living in Toronto East Toronto, ON need to do alone. In fact, our teen drug rehab centre, which is located in Stouffville, has been helping those in the Toronto area recover from addiction for more than four decades.

We are firmly committed to helping those in need rather than focusing on profitability. We keep our costs affordable for just about anyone, but we are also happy to work with anyone who is serious about getting clean and sober but is concerned about the costs. We know that addiction can be difficult and that some people, especially teens, may find any financial barrier to be a major obstacle. We won’t let it be one, and we have decided that we will never turn anyone in need of help away.

We also offer the major advantage of not having long waiting lists. Those who turn to us can get immediate access to treatment. This point is crucial for several reasons. One is that most people continue to harm themselves through addiction in the interim, including leaving open the possibility to overdoses. Another problem with delays is that those who finally got the courage to get help may change their minds, thus resulting in a destructive lifestyle continuing indefinitely.

The team at our teen drug rehab centre is committed to a holistic approach to healing. We do use pharmaceuticals at times during treatment, but we use them to support the rest of the treatment, not replace it. Our goal is to help patients to repair their lives spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Each one of these areas is harmed by addiction, and patients who fail to heal in one or more of them are highly prone to relapses. Further, we aim to help patients to become self-aware, self-accepting, and self-confident so that they can succeed after they leave us, and these goals are only achievable when we treat the whole person.

If you or a loved on in Toronto East Toronto, ON is ready to get help, call our teen drug rehab centre now to find out how you can do so.

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