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Uxbridge, ON residents and their family members who are looking for help in overcoming addiction can access that help at our teen drug rehab centre. More than 45,000 people have already taken advantage of what we have to offer, and we boast a success rate that is the envy of other facilities throughout Canada.

Our teen drug rehab centre is located in Stouffville, ON, just a short drive for those in the Toronto area. The hills in which it is set offer a serene location that enables our patients to remove themselves from the distractions of their busy lifestyles and focus on healing.

The facility itself has a maximum capacity of ten patients, each one of whom has their own room. This means that our patients can take advantage of the privacy to engage in things like though, reflection, and relaxation while also enjoying all of the benefits that come from being a part of a supportive community of others undergoing similar transitions.

While many of those who come to us do so focused on ending an addiction to drugs or alcohol, we take a much broader approach to treatment. Obviously, stopping the use of these substances is integral to recovery, but it is not the only important facet of it. We want to prepare patients for success and happiness post-addiction, and we do that through a program that is aimed at helping them to gain self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-confidence.

The relatives of addicts also need help in many cases. The reasons that they need help can range from repairing damaged relationships to accepting things that have happened in the past as a result of the addiction and moving forward constructively. We offer both an Essential Family Care Program and a Children’s Program to provide family members of our patients with these types of help and healing. In fact, we often hear that these programs saved and rebuilt relationships that otherwise would never have survived.

Whether it is you that needs help or it is one of your loved ones living in Uxbridge, ON, take the first step toward a better future by contacting our teen drug rehab centre today.

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