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Anyone who is struggling with addiction in or near Vaughan, ON has ready access to one of the best sources of help in Canada, our teen drug rehab centre. Over the past four-plus decades, we have helped tens of thousands of people to overcome their addictions successfully.

Our team is here to listen and to help. Coming to terms with the causes and results of addiction can be extremely challenging for many, but the counselors at our teen drug rehab centre make it easier. Part of the reason for that is that many of them had had to overcome their own struggles with addiction. They know how it can happen and what addicts can do, and they are open with our patients about it. This builds a relationship of trust that enables our patients to open up more easily.

The healing that takes place in our teen drug rehab centre comes in four forms: mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical. Whether it was one or more of these areas that caused or has contributed to any given addiction, all of them are damaged in each person who develops an addiction. Patients have to heal in all of these areas to reduce the chances of a relapse, as well as to prepare themselves for long-term success in their lives.

Treating our patients is the lion’s share of what we do at our teen rehab centre, but it is not the only thing. We also offer an Essential Family Care Program and a Children’s Program to help family members whose lives have been impacted by addiction. Many have been harmed financially, socially, spiritually, and in other ways on account of the addiction, and long-term damage has often been done to their relationships with our patients. Like their relatives in our care, they need to come to terms with the past, accept it, and move on as productively as possible not only for our patients but also for themselves. These programs are designed to help them do just that.

If you live in Vaughan, ON and would like to find out more about how you can get help at our teen drug rehab centre, call us now.

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