Whitchurch Stouffville, ON

Our teen drug rehab centre is here to help residents of Whitchurch Stouffville, ON and their family members who are struggling with substance abuse. We have been helping Canadians with addiction problems for more than forty years, during which time over 45,000 people have received our treatment.

Our commitment to healing starts with the fact that we do not turn patients away. When we opened our teen drug rehab centre, we did so to help people, not to profit off of them. Although our success rate is the envy of programs around the country, we keep our rates affordable to just about anyone. Even for those for whom any financial commitment is a serious impediment, though, we find ways to work with anyone who is serious about getting clean and sober.

We also have ambitious goals for our patients. Obviously, ending the abuse of substances is one important goal, but it is not our only one. Addiction’s ugly effects show up in every area of a person’s life, and unrepaired damage makes relapses much more likely. Those who undergo our treatment can expect to heal not just physically and mentally but also spiritually and emotionally. This healing not only reduces the likelihood of a return to substance abuse, but also makes it possible for our patients to live successful and full lives for years to come.

In-patient treatment, while important, must be supplemented by other offerings. We supplement it by having a strong alumni network that offers a support community for the long-term. Recovering addicts face temptations throughout their lives, and sometimes a call or a visit with a friend is necessary to resist temptation. Our alumni network makes this possible.

We also offer programs for family members of addicts. These programs help them to heal from the effects of addiction, repair their relationships, and relate to their loved ones both during and after the treatment.

If you would like to find out more about how you can get help for yourself or a loved one in Whitchurch Stouffville, ON at our teen drug rehab centre, take the first step now by calling or e-mailing us.

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