Woodbridge, ON

Just a short drive from Woodbridge, ON is a teen drug rehab centre that has earned respect and attention throughout Canada as one of the very best.

Our facility is located in Stouffville, making it easy for those in the Toronto area to get her, either as patients or as relatives visiting patients. While we are not far from the city, we are in many ways a world away from it. The serenity of the hills makes it possible for patients to focus on themselves and their treatment rather than the temptations and distractions that they typically encounter on a daily basis.

We are a relatively small facility and have no more than ten patients at a time. We always have at least as many staff members as patients, which ensures that we can tailor treatment according to the needs of each individual patient, as well as provide each one with individual attention and counseling. This individual attention is a large part of the reason that we have one of the highest success rates in the field.

The size of our teen drug rehab centre also makes for a strong community. Patients can interact with each other and develop relationships with others who are going through similar struggles. At the same time, they can enjoy the privacy and peace that comes with having private rooms.

While getting in-patient treatment at our teen rehab centre is the best way to start the process of recovery from addiction, the process typically does not end there. Many addicts find that they are tempted after completing their treatments. Some face temptation almost immediately, while others may go years until they feel an urge to return to the substance or substances that they were abusing. For these and related situations, we have a vibrant alumni community that offers post-treatment support. A simple phone call or meeting for coffee with someone who understands can be the difference between continued success or a return to a life of addiction.

With excellent help available so close to Woodbridge, ON, take the first step to a brighter future by calling our teen drug rehab centre today.

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