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York East Toronto, ON residents and their family members who are considering seeking treatment for addiction can get the help that they need at our teen drug rehab centre.

There are many reasons for those dealing with addiction to turn to us for help. One of the biggest is that our success rate stands out as one of the best in Canada, with more than 71% of those who go through our program remaining clean and sober 24 months after their treatment finishes. Part of the credit for this is due to our vital alumni community, which helps those who have undergone treatment for addiction to resist temptations whenever they present themselves, be that immediately following the treatment or months or years later.

Our teen drug rehab centre helps recovering addicts to achieve long-term success by taking an approach to healing that goes beyond the mental and physical and includes the emotional and spiritual sides of a person. This healing both reduces the chances of a relapse occurring and helps patients to become more self-aware, self-accepting, and self-confident.

For many patients, the treatment itself does not end when they leave our facility. We also offer outpatient help through our Continuing Care Program, which plays an important role in supporting those who are ready to get on with their lives outside of our facility but who still need some level of care.

We understand that our patients are not the only ones impacted by their addictions; addicts’ family members suffer and need help and healing as well. To account for this, we provide an Essential Family Care Program and a Chilren’s Program, which are designed to help the families of addicts in accepting the past, relating to patients and handling situations in the present, and preparing for a constructive and happy future. Many of our patients have credited these programs with saving vital family relationships that had been damaged by addiction.

If you live in York East Toronto, ON and you need help with overcoming substance abuse, take the first step toward a brighter future by calling our teen drug rehab centre today.

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