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York Region, Toronto, ON residents and their family members who are suffering from addiction need not fight the battle alone. Our teen drug rehab centre is here to help anyone who wants ot become clean and sober.

Many of the staff members at our facility are recovering drug addicts and alcoholics. They have experienced firsthand the damage that addiction can do, and they understand that all sorts of circumstances both within and beyond a person’s control can lead them to addiction. When they tell their stories to our patients, it helps the patients to understand that they have people who are ready to listen to and help them without judgment. For many at our facility, this is the first time that they feel comfortable discussing their situations openly, a key element of the recovery process.

Our commitment to helping those in need is firm, which is why, in spite of our outstanding reputation, we offer treatment that is very affordable. Even so, we recognize that there are people whose situations make any expense associated with recovery difficult. For those who are serious about recovery, we will always find a way to ensure that they get the care that they need regardless of their financial circumstances.

While our inpatient treatment is at the core of what we do, we recognize that many addicts need ongoing support. We offer that support in the form of our Continuing Care Program, which we run on an outpatient basis. We also have a vital alumni community, which provides support for those who have undergone treatment at our facility for as long as any of our patients need it.

The Essential Family Care Program and Children’s Program at our teen drug rehab centre are designed to help the other victims of addiction, the families of addicts. These programs help family members to come to terms with the past, function in the present, and be best prepared to move forward in their own lives, both independently and in terms of their relationships with the addicts.

Don’t wait to get help when it is just a phone call away for anyone suffering from addiction in York Region, Toronto, ON. Contact our teen drug rehab centre today.

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