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Anyone living in York, Toronto, ON can access help in dealing with addiction from our teen drug rehab centre.

Many of those suffering from addiction just want a way to overcome substance dependency. True recovery involves more, though, and we offer just that.

Regardless of the circumstances that may have led to a person’s addiction, substance abuse always harms them in several ways. Severe damage is done not only to a person’s body and mind but also their spirit and emotions. It is only by addressing and tending to all of these areas that people can put themselves in a good position to overcome dependencies. This healing also offers the greatest hope for a fulfilling and successful life after drugs and alcohol. That is the hope that we offer our patients.

Our teen drug rehab centre is located in the hills of Stouffville, ON, which means that our patients are physically removed from temptations and distractions. Everyone at our centre gets to focus their time and attention on themselves and their healing. To ensure that patients have privacy and personal attention, we have a maximum capacity of just ten patients, maintain an employee-to-patient ratio of one-to-one, and provide private rooms to all of our patients.

While inpatient treatment provides a vital start for those recovering from addiction, ongoing care and support is also important. This is why we provide a comprehensive outpatient Continuing Care Program for those who continue to need professional help. Our vital alumni network offers additional support in the form of a community of people who can share experiences and understanding. For many of our alumni, the chance to call someone who went through the program made the life altering difference of keeping them sober rather than giving into temptation.

We also offer programs for families of addicts at our teen rehab centre. Our Children’s Program and Essential Family Care Program are designed to help the relatives of addicts heal in their own right. These programs have helped those impacted by addiction to accept the past and equip themselves for a better future.

Help is just a phone call away for those suffering from addiction in York, Toronto, ON. Don’t wait. Call our teen drug rehab centre now.

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