At our teen drug rehab centre, we help teenagers to overcome their addictions to morphine and/or other substances. Our team has helped over a thousand people to rehabilitate successfully already, and we are ready to help you or your loved one become our next success story.

Although morphine has important medical uses and is commonly used by doctors to ease pain, addiction to the substance can be very dangerous.Like other opiates, it tends to make people nauseous, while also slowing their breathing. It is this slowed breathing that may cause death in cases of overdoses.

Morphine addiction can begin even when people are taking the drug under medical supervision. It can take as little as a few weeks of usage for an addiction to begin.

At our teen drug rehab centre, we are ready to help those going through withdrawal, which can be a difficult process for those looking to overcome their addictions. There are several symptoms of withdrawal that are common. Relatively minor ones include tearing eyes and sweating, while more severe symptoms include high blood pressure, difficulty sleeping, and a rapid heart rate. Those discontinuing the use of morphine should seek help in doing so.

Our facility is designed to be comfortable and accommodating to those receiving treatment for their addictions. We have no more than ten patients at a time, and each one has a private room. This gives them the privacy to relax and reflect as they go through important changes in their lives.

The treatment program that we use, Transitions, is adaptable to the needs of each individual patient. Throughout the treatment process, we treat each individual who comes to us with one-on-one attention and care. We are able to do this because we have as many employees as we do staff members.

The facility is set in the serenity of the hills of Stouffville. This gets our patients away from distractions and potential disruptions into an environment that is ideal for reflection, thought, and healing.

If you are interested in getting treatment for your morphine addiction, or if you have a loved one who needs it, call our teen drug rehab centre today.

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