If you are ready to life a life free of your dependency on oxycodone, you can get the help you need to do so at our teen drug rehab centre.

Oxycodone isa very important drug for doctors to have at their disposal because of its potency as a painkiller. It is most frequently used for patients who have debilitating pain, which includes end-stage cancer patients, those with neurological degeneration, and others with similar ailments. Unfortunately, its recreational use can have some very severe consequences.

There are several side effects associated with the use of oxycodone. They include but are not limited to sweating, itching, lightheadedness, and drowsiness. Some of the more serious side effects include respiratory suppression and low blood pressure. Overdoses are particularly dangerous and may lead to death due to respiratory suppression.

Those with oxycodone addictions may experience symptoms of withdrawal if they are unable to take the drug. Some common symptoms are muscle and bone pain, restlessness, and insomnia, among others. Because of these symptoms, many who attempt to detox on their own end up relapsing, which is why we recommend turning to our teen rehab centre for help at every stage of the recovery process, including detox.

At our rehab centre for teens, oxycodone addicts can get the personalized attention they need from our team of highly experienced professionals. We understand that all addicts are dealing with different issues and experiences, so we tailor our program to meet the needs of each individual.

We use a combination of addiction suppression, cognitive behavioral therapy, dog therapy, and pharmaceuticals to help our patients in four key areas: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Through the rehabilitation process, oxycodone addicts come to understand and accept themselves and gain the self-confidence that comes with such acceptance. This is why patients who successfully complete our program leave with the chance to lead happy and healthy lives that are not just free of substance abuse but also productive and fulfilling.

Overcoming your oxycodone addiction begins with taking action to get the help you need. Take that action by calling or e-mailing our teen drug rehab centre today.

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