Treatment Programs

The treatment program that we use was developed out of the thousand-plus successful recoveries. Aiming to help patients move forward with the confidence that comes from self-awareness and self-acceptance, the program includes holistic, medical, and psychological elements.

We believe in tailoring each patient’s treatment to his or her individual needs. The diversity of our approach, which includes holistic healing, modern pharmaceuticals, dog therapy, addiction suppression strategies, and cognitive behavioural therapy, gives us the versatility we need to do just that.

Our program aims to heal the wounds that addiction has caused to our patients’ minds, bodies, spirits, and emotions. To that end, it is designed to help patients of nearly any age attain measurable results as they recover from alcohol, drug, or opiate addiction.



Our Clinical Director’s extensive experience that went into designing our program enables us to employ lesser known holistic methods to help young people to recover from their addictions.



Although we aim to minimize its use, pharmaceuticals can often provide an important tool in facilitating our patients’ recoveries.



Healing for our patients is not only physical but also mental, spiritual, and emotional. That is why the psychological element of our program is so important.

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